vssbcYes, there is no nudity.

But for the fans of Stephen Sondheim, I think you will love this production from Classic Stage Company. The direction, technical aspects and the cast are all excellent especially Judy Kuhn as Fosca. Her performance was so eerie and scary. Ryan Silverman is ready for his spotlight. He deserves to be in the lead for an original Broadway production. Hos voice is excellent as well as the sex appeal.

I would loved to have seen Silverman nude but to be fair, the way that the stage was set up due to lack of space, John Doyle (the director) really has no way to justify the nude scene of there’s no bed.

So even though its too bad I didn’t see Silverman in the nude. I agree with Mr. Doyle on this one.

The problem with PASSION has always been the book. It is just unbelievable for Silverman’s character to just fall in love with an obsessed woman. There were no transition scenes to show how his character slowly fell in love with Fosca.

With that said, here’s hoping we get to see Ryan Silverman nude in the future.


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