Allison Cook and William Ferguson by Sara Krulwich
Allison Cook and William Ferguson by Sara Krulwich

I’ve been just so busy these past few weeks, this entry is rather a bit late but better than never posting it.

I saw POWDER HER FACE at BAM last weekend.  I haven’t watched much opera so I’m really not an expert on this.  But Thomas Ades’ work is a miss.  At the center is the Duchess played by Allison Cook in the middle of a sex scandal.  Given that it was based on a true story, I feel it was a misstep to have the point of view coming from the servants.  This technique worked against Cook.  It was so hard to feel for her character.  So you are bankrupt now, so what? I never really cared for her character.

However, I’m giving Ades’ a pat on the back for having the balls to put up a risque opera.  Rarely do operas have male nudity. (I’ve read some that was done in Europe but this is the first I think in USA).

I was happy to see Matthew Ferguson’s circumcised cock and nice set of balls as the Duchess want to have oral sex with him.  The scene after had him face down nude on the bed before putting his underwear on.  Unless you are in the first row seats, it was hard to see Ferguson’s cock.  Luckily I did.

William Ferguson
William Ferguson

The sexy Jon Morrison who was in his tighty underwear in the first scene is so hot.  Nice hairy chest, nice bubble butt.   Too bad his character did not require him to show anything else.  And to be honest, I really don’t understand the point of his character.  he was wasted on this production.

For the much reported nude scene with so many men. It was really hard to report on each one because there were just so many of them! So many cocks and balls, and ass at the same time, they became so much alike.

Here’s hoping Thomas Ades’ will continue writing sexy operas.






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  1. Ades didn’t write Powder Her Face with male nudity in it. The mimed blow job is there in the score and libretto, but all the nudity was the stage director’s idea.

    That’s the case with almost all operas that have male nudity; there are very, very few that have it written into the piece. Stage directors add it in. That happens more in Europe than in the States, but New York City Opera has very occasionally had male nudity in its stagings over the years.

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