Out of state nudity: TRAINSPOTTING

Seat of Your Pants Productions is reviving “Trainspotting,” the stage adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s book revolving 282466_455585074497772_2070940649_naround a group of Scottish friends who escape their lives through heroin. It will begin previews March 6 at the Elephant Theatre in Los Angeles.

The production is set to open March 9.

From the press release:

Trainspotting takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland in the late 1980s. The play follows the adventures of four friends–Mark Renton, Sick Boy, Tommy and Begbie–as they navigate a world filled with drugs, alcohol and petty crime.The Trainspotting phenomenon first occurred in 1993, when Irvine Welsh’s novel burst onto the scene. The book’s darkly comedic exploration of tragedy attracted a loyal following and gained an even wider audience three years later when the Oscar-nominated film adaptation was released.seat of your pants Productions first produced Trainspotting in Los Angeles in 2002. Roger Mathey garnered LA Weekly Theatre and Los Angeles Outer Critics Circle awards for his direction of the production, and the Los Angeles Times ranked it as one of the ten best plays of the year.
The show’s cast includes Justin Zachary, David Agranov (X-Men: First Class), Matthew Tully and Karl Wade, who are reprising their roles from the 2002 production.

The characters of Mark and Tommy are rumored to have full frontal nudity.

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  1. Not about TRAINSPOTTING, but I just wanted to alert blog readers that on BroadwayWorld, they are saying that in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, currently on Broadway, Cory Michael Smith does full-frontal. If anyone goes, please report back on where to sit!

    (Wasn’t sure whether I should be posting this as its own blog entry myself, I didn’t want to overstep my bounds… Do you want us to be making new posts for things like this? Thanks for all the great work on the blog!)

    1. Thanks for the tip Clark. Yes you can post on the blog yourself. I welcome more participation from the readers 🙂

    2. According to a poster at Datalounge (grain of salt alert), the best place is house right near the aisle. Apparently “Fred” flashes the audience while getting out of the tub. Let’s hope it isn’t cut during previews (first performance was last night)

    1. Hephaestion, it is an open run so it depends on how successful it is. If its a hit it could be extended into the summer. However, based on early reviews on the Broadwayworld forums the show is too long and the first act pretty muddled so it might struggle. They also said the nude scene is completely superfluous so if they cut things for time, it might go. Then again, if they are desperate to sell tickets keeping a nude scene might be a good way to do it!

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