367.th.th.cp.hitthewall by ryan bourqueFrom our reader Sauja:

“New Stonewall play at Barrow Street Theater has a streaking scene where Nick
Bailey runs into the space fully nude, jumps up and down, then runs back out.
Happens very quickly. Best location to see him from the front is probably
Section 2.”

From the press release:
It’s the early hours of June 28, 1969 when a routine police raid on The Stonewall Inn, a popular underground gay bar in Greenwich Village, sparks a full-scale riot. Violent protests and street demonstrations continued for the next several days in what became known as The Stonewall Riots, thrusting a group of unlikely revolutionaries onto the frontlines of history and igniting one of the most influential social and political movements of the 20th Century. Hit the Wall focuses on that wild and enigmatic first night of the riots, placing the audience just on the periphery of the conflict. With an imaginative and theatrical blend of history and mythology, Hit the Wall shines a contemporary light on the legacy of Stonewall.
Opens Mar 10, 2013
Closes Jul 7, 2013 Playing at
Barrow Street Theatre
Directions & Map Running Time:
1hr. 30min.


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  1. He has a hot body, but the streaking is super fast, he’s flopping all over the stage. I didn’t love the show, for a piece on queer history it was more like a bunch of different types of gays ripping on eachother and running around, never really coming together, but it does have some nice moments.

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