Photo by Lois Greenfield
Photo by Lois Greenfield

From the press release:


March 26 – April 7 at The Joyce Theater

Tue-Wed 7:30pm; Thu-Fri 8pm; Sat at 2pm & 8pm; Sun at 2pm

Tickets: $10-$59 (Joyce members: $10-$44)

The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company commemorates thirty years of creativity and impact with Play and Play: an evening of movement and music, two special programs focusing on the pleasure of musicians and dancers working together. The Orion String Quartet joins the company. Program A includes D-Man in the Waters, Jones’s joyous, award-winning work not seen in New York since 2002; Continuous Replay, with a score of deconstructed Beethoven string quartets; and Spent Days Out Yonder, set to Mozart’s Prussian Quartet No. 23. Program B features new works set to Schubert’s string quartet Death and the Maiden and Ravel’s String Quartet in F. Programs contain nudity.


  1. I just saw Bill T Jones’ “Play and Play” at the Joyce. “Program A” is the one you want to see. All three dance pieces in Program A were beautiful. As for the nudity:

    In the second piece, “Continuous Replay” Erick Montes (a small-framed Mexican dancer) runs on stage completely naked. He dances a while, stands silent/still for a while, and repeats. One by one he is joined on stage by other dancers. Some dance, while others run (or walk) across from left to right. The dancers all face to the right of the stage in profile. There are about 15 dancers in all (about half men vs women) and they are ALL completely naked. All of the dancers are moving from left to right (audience left to right). The best place to watch (for the dancing) is in the center of the audience — but the best place to watch for dick is audience right (since everyone is traveling left to right across the stage). This goes on for about 15 minutes — all naked. Note, that a hand-full of the dancers are “guests” and have normal, civilian bodies, (even overweight) rather than dancer bodies.

    The dancers cluster on the right side of the stage, now facing forward — their naked bodies full frontal. They continue to move across the stage exiting and re-entering. As the dance goes on, the dancers re-enter the stage with some articles of clothing on. Eventually they are fully clothed. Erick, however remains naked the entire time. Too bad the small-framed dancer, (while cute, with a tight little dancer’s body,) has a really really tiny dick.

    Nudity aside, it is a beautiful dance piece.

  2. Just saw and must say I was very impressed. A great program all around.

    A warning about the nudity- they alternate the dancer who stays completely nude during Continuous Replay between the cute Erick Montes and one of the female dancers. I got the female dancer (who was great but not who I was expecting). Still, more nudity than most other programs and good views all around.

    1. Just saw this again and am very glad I did. Erick Montes was the lead again in Continuous Replay. In my opinion he is absolutely gorgeous! The other four members of the troupe are amazing are well – great dancer’s bodies all around, with varying sizes down below. One of the guest dancers was a fit young African American dancer who stayed nude longer than the rest. He was just as amazing as the others.

      The program itself is very entertaining – I enjoyed the last segment, D-Man in the Waters, best out of the three. The dancers just give it their all! I am glad I was able to see it twice.

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