Benjamin Walker plays Brick and he is tall and lean, 0% body fat, smooth and all muscle. For the first 30 minutes he ONLY wears a towel. At one point he is changing into white silk pajama bottoms — he sits on a stool (with his back to the audience) and drops the towel, slips on the pajamas, and stands up to pull them up giving full view of his beautiful ass. He wears the pajamas (with a wife-beater) throughout the rest of the play. They are white and thin and you can see his dick bouncing around and sort of make out his ass through the shear fabric. He’s definitely worked out for this role. He’s gorgeous in person.

Nudity Rating: 2


  1. Is there one side or other where, if you sat at the extreme side, you might catch his cock when he’s putting on the pants, or does he do it in such a way that nobody could ever see it?

  2. No, unfortunately, no one can see it. He is way upstage (rear part of stage) and fully facing away from audience. Although his ass is completely unobscured from any seat. He is sitting on a stool closer to the audience-right side of stage as he drops the towel. (He sits when he slips off towel and slips on pajamas because he has a broken leg throughout the play.)

    But he is so ripped and lovely, that running around all over the stage in just a towel for 30 minutes is quite nice in itself. Not the best production of “Cat…” though. Johansson is really bad.

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