Get FUCT at your party

Get Fuct at your party

Fuctnyc has teamed up with Gay Bachelor parties  to bring you a full monty show for private events. They will do bachelor parties, birthdays or the occasion of your choice. Food and entertainment. For 50 bucks and hour you can have your meal served by a scantily clothed or naked hunk.

The men of FUCTNYC come in and do a parties only show that goes beyond what they do in the theatre. Saturday night was awesome…

AND…if you are from out of town they have a choice of two party spaces to host your event in. A small intimate space for up to about 20 or another one that can accomodate 70. Credit cards accepted.

They are already booking Fire Island Events.

Hot Naked Straight guys and a great meal…what more can you ask for?

Recently added…big debut show this Friday, private with food/wine. LIMITED tickets available.


  1. Nude, crude and hilarious. A cross between SNL and Jackass. Even gets the audience involved and a friend got coerced into pulling out his dick onstage. Very well done.

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