fuctIt was so much fun to watch the audience favorites from past years shows last Friday April 5.  I love this group not only because they don’t shy away from nudity, but because their gags are really funny even if I have seen it multiple times.  Even the new female cast member Alyson is very funny.  I think she is a great addition to the team now that Tommy Galan is moving to West Coast and won’t be part of the show anymore.

Glad to report that Joe Galan, Derek Mize and Eric Aikey did not fail us to show the goods last night.  They even got one of the audience member (who btw was very cute) show his uncut dick!  You gotta love live theater!  Unexpected!

Here’s hoping they add more rotating cast and new materials.  All in all I had a great time watching the show last night.

Nudity Rating: 5

Here are some pics they posted in FB.  Some were deleted, I guess because FB censored them.


  1. Hi – I was at the show too. It was great. I sat on the front row 2 seats down from the guy (Eli) who showed it on stage. My wife sat next to him and went on stage too. I am assuming you sat on the other side of him and took the video with your phone. I would love to see the whole thing again or the pics. If you are up to it, my email is satxartmodel@yahoo.com. Great blog!!

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