Last Chance – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Corey Michael Smith and Emilia Clarke

It looks like Breakfast at Tiffany’s will play its final curtain this Sunday.  The play might not have been all that but it did give Broadway audiences their first of three bathtub scenes this year (the others being The Nance and MacBeth).

For those wanting to see leading man Corey Michael Smith in all his glory, this is your last chance.  Best seats are house right near the aisle.

Blog reader nuthinbutnet8 has a good description of the nude scenes:

“Yes, that is accurate that the tub is near the aisle. You get a view of his beautiful smooth body and ass (and dangly bits) as he gets into the tub, then another view, plus the front and his big low hangers as he gets out of the soapy water. The show isn’t as charming as it could be, and over designed, but both the leads are beautiful.

The bathtub scene
Corey Michael Smith

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