A very entertaining indeed from Blessed Unrest as they presented Jessica Burr’s vision of the myths of Echo,

Jason Griffin and Marco de Ornella by Alan Roche
Jason Griffin and Marco de Ornella by Alan Roche

Narcissus, Orpheus and Eurydice, intertwined with lovers in the present time.  It was cohesive, enjoyable and visually entertaining.  Given a bigger budget, Burr can definitely be a force to reckon with.  The whole cast is amazing as well.  The stand-out for me though was Jason Griffin.  In the beginning I found it odd that he was chosen to play Narcissus, the man who fell in love with himself because Mr. Griffin is really skinny and funky, not the first attributes you will think for Narcissus.  But he won me over with his heartfelt performance as he is heart broken, unable to touch the man he loves, himself.  The gorgeous Marco de Ornella played Orpheus, the man who wants to save his love from the underworld.  He was shirtless most of the play as he displayed his nice torso and muscular arms, and hairy pits.  Too bad the most that you can see from him was his hairy crack as he bends over and over throughout the play.  Griffin showed his ass as well as Darrell Stokes as he hump his lover Amerika.  I must say, he has a nice big ass.  Andrew Dahl, the fourth male cast member only dropped his pants and showed his skivvies.  We all should watch out for future performances of this very talented theater company.


P.S. The show is closing tomorrow night.  Hope you can catch it.


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  1. I told Jason that the show was mentioned here and about your review and he was pleased and flattered. He loves showing off, and doesn’t mind getting naked on stage but found the process of getting emotionally naked to be more of a challenge yet enjoyed the process and challenge. I’ve been encouraging him to find more projects he would enjoy, like the things at LaMama, where he can show off all his talents. In the meantime if you want to see more of him, he is a reviewer on where you can pretty regularly see him modeling and reviewing another of his favorite subjects.

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