From the press release:

1364835990White Hot
April 26 – May 26

By Tommy Smith
Directed by Flea Resident Director Courtney Ulrich
Featuring The Bats

Lil, married and pregnant, tries to find salvation in a simple life. Her sister, Sis, escapes reality through the abuse of drugs and vacant sexual relationships. Their lives collide in an epic portrait of self-destruction, led by Lil’s oblivious husband Bri, and a sexual mercenary named Grig. A brutal comedy about how cruel we can be to the ones we love, when we want what they have.


White Hot
April 26 – May 26
Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm
Sundays and Mondays at 7pm

Additional Performances:
Tuesday, May 7 at 5pm
Wednesday, May 8 at 5pm
Thursday, May 23 at 10pm

Note: This show contains sexual situations.

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