Duch2From the website: APRIL 24-25 – 7.30PM – DANCE – DUCHESSES by & with FRANCOIS CHAIGNAUD  MARIE CAROLINE HOMINAL – Between arid ecstasy, radiant meditation and cruel hypnosis, Duchesses explores an unlikely dance, sovereign and prisoner from the most ancient game of humanity. The hula hoop, symbol of sexual liberation, becomes for the Duchess a choreographic device, instantaneous and incessant, without a past or future – a universal two wheeled vehicle.

The male dancer, Francois Chaignaud, has a very androgynous style so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The performance sounds intriguing though – two people hula-hooping in the nude for 35 minutes, hoping not to drop the hoop.  Runs two nights only in Brooklyn.


Fran1 Duch3


  1. I just saw Duchesses. It’s not really a dance piece. It’s more of performance art — with very little emphasis on the word “art.” It takes place in a large loft space with windows all around. As it starts, it is dusk, so there is still some light coming in from outside, but very little. The male and female come out — naked — and walk up a few steps to stand on their own individual platforms. There is NO light in the room. No music. They start hula-hooping. It is hard to see anything. They are softly in silhouette from the dusk light coming in the windows behind them. It feels like forever before anything “happens.” Slowly, and I mean slooooooowly, the platforms they are standing on, light up beneath them. It took about 15 minutes for the platforms to light up fully (which were dim at the height of light). Now they are lit from below. More of the same hula hooping. They basically hula hoop for about 40 minutes. The end.

    His body…. Francois has a very tight, completely hairless, 0% body fat – body (as you can see in the pics above.) He’s petite at about 5’9″. He has a somewhat small-average, nice uncut penis (maybe its a grower?) As he rotated his hips around, sometimes you could hear his dick slapping against his thighs, which was kind of hot. His body is sexy if you are into “twink” dancer-types. Beautiful bubble dancer ass. Nice toned, defined, dancer body. The hair — long, damaged, frizzy, bleached hair really should go — sorry, Francois, it’s not helping. Overall, although a Nudity Rating of 5 — not my favorite event.

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