From the press release:

May 3-26 Kipuka Theater presents…

La Marie-Vison” tells the perversely fascinating tale of Marie, a transvestite prostitute who lives in elegant squalor

Brian Vaughan by Kipuka Theater
Brian Vaughan by Kipuka Theater

with her dedicated servant. Every day, for eighteen years, Marie releases an exotic butterfly into the open fields of the living room. Every day for eighteen years the beautiful boy, imprisoned in her den, catches and kills it.  The beautiful boy is tempted with visions of the outside world, free from the wiles of wicked Marie, but maybe the boy wasn’t made for the outside world.  Maybe none of us were.

In 1967, Terayama Shuji and his experimental theater troupe, Tenjou Sajiki, first premiered the story of “La Marie-Vison” in Tokyo, Japan. The shocking piece was then translated into English, reworked and brought to NYC in collaboration with Ellen Stewart and La Mama Experimental Theater in July of 1970. This theatrical production has not been performed again in the U.S. until now! Over 40 years later, Kipuka Theater, using Don Kenny’s original 1970 translation and scholarly references from “Unspeakable Acts” written by Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei, brings to life Terayama Shuji’s eclectic band of characters!

Doug Barron as MARIE: A forty-year-old male prostitute in his prime
Jon L Peacock as SERVANT: Good old Erich von Stroheim
Michael-Ray Carter as Beautiful Boy: A beautiful boy
Christie Carter as GIRL: A beautiful girl
Brian Vaughan as NAMELESS SAILOR: A tattoo of a snake looks good on him
Pierce Delahunt and Sebastiani Romagnolo as POETS 1&2: but it’s all right to call them sodomites
Restrictions and Notices:

    • Admittance restricted to persons 18 years of age and over.
  • This show contains nudity and graphic sexual situations.


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  1. This play was excruciating… Almost as bad as the hula-hoop guy… UNTIL the nudity. It then redeemed itself… sort of.

    OK, where do I begin? The “theater” is in a scary, seemingly uninhabited, warehouse section of Williamsburg — bring your pepper-spray. In the “lobby” you’ll be “entertained” by an “art” exhibit with live noise — I mean live “music” (loud and harsh enough to make your ears bleed). While waiting, I did notice a handful of really sexy hot boys (not together) in the lobby waiting with everyone else to get in to see the show. “Maybe they know something about this play,” I thought. Maybe this is a hot ticket…

    The “theater” space was very small, a room maybe 18′ x 40′ long. I knew I was in trouble when the “seating” consisted of upside-down paint buckets (Home Depot stickers still attached) with planks of wood spanned across them and duct-taped to the buckets.

    The show begins without much cue, and an old man (not terribly old, but not terribly attractive either) sits at a vanity and puts on makeup and a wig, then stands and gets naked (not a pleasant sight), then gets in a bathtub. He’s in the tub for the first half hour of the play, with excruciating dialogue between him and his butler(?). The Beautiful Boy (that’s the character’s name) shows up. He’s not exactly what some would call “beautiful,” but he IS a very cute, skinny twink… and one of the few in the cast to NEVER get naked. 😦

    About an hour in, one of the very hot guys in the audience (dark hair, handsome) stands up and starts dancing. Ah, now I get it — the hot guys from the lobby are IN the show. I look over to one of the other sexy boys in the audience (very pretty face) and sure enough he gets up too. And now for the best part — they both start taking off all their clothes. Naked, they dance around and jump up on a platform. The “theater” space is very small, so I’m only about 5′ away from them. They start touching each other, one lies down on the platform and the other starts dripping hot wax from a candle on him. They get up and the guy who was dripped-on (dark haired guy) seems to have a semi. Or he maybe he’s just one of those boys whose dick sticks straight out. Either way, it was hot.

    Now I look over to the third very sexy guy from the lobby and pray he is in the play too. Sure enough he gets up from the audience and strips down naked. This is awesome. (It’s like noticing handsome guys on the subway and then they just get naked in front of you.) This guy is super handsome, with a gorgeous long lean body, great pecks with just a bit of hair on them and a curvy dick (which I think might be uc… difficult to tell from where I was positioned). He jumps on the platform and sprays water at the other naked boys with a water bottle held down by his dick, as if he is peeing on them. All three naked boys are pretty handsome and hot.

    Unfortunately, this third guy pulls up his underwear after showing dick for only a few minutes. The other two go and stand still, posing for 5-10 minutes, still naked. Eventually they go to the side and sit down and start eating Cup-a-Noodles for the next half hour. (Who knows?) The whole time they are sitting and eating, they are still naked. Those two were probably naked for 45 minutes to a hour, total.

    All three guys were lean with nice sized dicks — the prettiest one had the smallest dick, but still very sexy. There was some weird simulated sex between the third handsome guy and the Transvestite — in the bathtub, but they both were wearing underwear, (even though simulating fucking). An odd choice, since the rest of the play had so much nudity. The handsome guy did walk around in wet underwear for quite some time after the tub “sex” scene, though. Finally the play ended, I think, again without much cue. Not even a “curtain call” or applause. It was oddly quiet and some people started to leave, myself included.

    All-in-all, once the naked boys came out, I couldn’t follow what the hell was going on with the play. It’s a hot mess. The Transvestite was awful. The butler(?) was terrible. All the acting was bad. Actually, the Beautiful Boy wasn’t too bad. With all the nonsense and gratuitous nudity, you’d think the director (or writer) would have made the Beautiful Boy get naked too, I mean, why not? The ONLY redeeming part of this play is the 3 naked boys from the audience. And that was pretty hot. Go check it out… if you dare.

    Rating 5

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