I am a big fan of The Flea Theater.  They consistently present high caliber, highly entertaining plays.  But I am disappointed with their latest offering, Tommy Smith’s WHITE HOT.  I am baffled why they have chosen this play.  None of the characters are likable and as an audience member, I really don’t know what I am supposed to experience at the end of the play.  The cast did a creditable job.  However, Sean McIntyre who was great in JOB, seemed to be out of sorts here. He was suppose to have a Russian accent but I did not hear it at all.

IMG_6341As for nudity, you might and the operative wird is “Might”, have a chance to see some nudity from Bradley Anderson if you sit on both extreme left and extreme right seats as he fucks Jamie Bock.  Where I was sitting, I saw nothing.


WHITE HOT is playing at The Flea Theater until May 26.

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