Jonny Orsini and Nathan Lane
Jonny Orsini and Nathan Lane

Finally I saw THE NANCE by Douglas Carter Beane. I enjoyed watching the play. But as I think about it after a few days, it was a very good play but not a great one.

I felt Beane tried to bite more than he can chew by addressing the forbidden love between two men in the 1930’s as well as the state of burlesque shows at that time.

He was more successful with the latter issue. Towards the end of the play, I didn’t find the burlesqueperformers funny anymore rather sorry for their state.

However, the main plot of the play between the two male characters Nathan Lane and Johnny Orsini was not fully developed. Orsini just fell in love head over heels with Lane but was not really clear what he saw in him to stick with him all those years. Beane should have been more explicit in telling us why Lane decided to part ways with Orsini at the end (oops spoilers!). As a gay man, I understood what he was trying to imply but the straight couples beside us were all asking that Lane’s character does not make sense of leaving Orsini just because he can’t be monogamous. The message was lost at the end because the plot was not fully developed in the first place. As a result it lessened the impact of Lane’s final monologue when he reminisce about his relationship with Orsini as part of his show at The Irving Place Theater . Lane did an excellent job so as Orsini and the rest of the cast. The revolving set was amazing as it was able to change scenery so quickly.

Everyone gasped when Orsini got out of the tub during the first act as he showed how hung he was! And it was even soft! It was huge. At least more than 6 inches soft. He is circumcised. And what a low hangers he has as his balls kept showing up as he bends over. And hairy at that! Lovely! You have to sit on the right side to get a full view of Orsini’s impressive cock.


THE NANCE is playing until Aug 11, 2013
Catch it!
Running Time:
2hr. 30min.
(includes 1 intermission)

Visit the The Nance website:


  1. I loved this play. Loved Nathan Lane. Loved the set. And Orsini is stunning. It’s a very entertaining play.

  2. Small correction: THE NANCE is by Douglas Carter Beane, not Richard Greenberg. But no correction on Orsini’s hungness… wow!

  3. You have to sit way way way to the right side (audience right when looking at stage). He gets out of tub and faces right wing. The further over, the better you will be.

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