Adam La Faci
Adam La Faci

I haven’t hiked at all, I haven’t even really thought about doing it!  So I wasn’t really that enthusiastic in watching this play especially when I arrived at the the theater and learned that it’s a 2 and a half hour play!

But I’m glad I sat through this play.  Not only did I learn a lot about hiking and the Appalachian trail, the epic journey of the characters in the play was worth sitting through.  With minimum stage design, the director let the audience use their imagination on what the terrain looked like. The playwright Brenton Lengel took his time for us to know his characters and it was a very wise decision.  Once we came to know the characters, I was hooked.  I wanted to see how their journey end.  For sure, it can use some trimming but I enjoyed watching this play!  Heck, it even made me think on trying hiking! The actors have very good chemistry and is evident onstage.  All of them acted very well.

The nudity is on top of Act II when Tim Dowd and Adam La Faci went skinny dipping and let it all hang out.  Dowd

Tim Dowd
Tim Dowd

had longer nude scene and he showed full frontal for over a minute.  He has a pretty face and has average body built.  He has cut cock, tight hairy balls and untrimmed pubes, plus a big ass.  La Faci is on the skinnier side but has no body fat, very hairy, nice armpit hair, bushy pubes and nice circumcised cock.


NORTH OF MAINE is playing til June 17.  Catch it before it closes.


  1. Thanks for the info, m-lo. I have to say I really enjoyed this play. It was funny and you really got a sense of who these characters were. At first the hiking culture was a little hard to understand but the playwright did a good job explaining them to the audience without hitting us over the head with it. And the character of Rock-Stabber was awesome – really kooky but endearing. As for the nudity, I would have the enjoyed the play just as much if it wasn’t there but it was a nice added bonus. As always, I am impressed by how brave actors are when they shed their clothes in front of complete strangers (Though it is probably easier to shed your clothes in front of strangers than let’s say, your parents or grandparents or close friends lol). Dowd particularly showed no fear as he pranced around stage nude for a long time. Its a shame the other two actors didn’t join in though the actor playing Rock-Stabber did wear some revealing shorts! The actor playing Kevin was much older than the rest but when he changed his shirt revealed a rocking body. All in all an enjoyable performance.

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