21139_554210444622166_1735388816_nPatrick Thomas McCarthy’s play is a part of 2013 Fresh Fruit Festival.  McCarthy has a gift for writing great lines. Funny, but deep at the same time.  In Sextortion, students’ lives are forever changed because of sexting that led to sextortion. The only out gay guy in the school, the outcast Quin is the anchor of the play.  Through his point of view that we got to know all the other characters. It was a surprise at the end who was the mastermind of this sextortion.  I applaud McCarthy for using an unconventional storytelling.  It worked.  But it can be better.  It can definitely be a much better play. I felt that Quin’s character lost it’s purpose when in the middle of the play, he was not really part of the plot anymore.  It was unfortunate because undermined the character played perfectly by Joshua Warr.  Exposition was overused by the playwright.  Halfway through, til the end was all exposition.  The rest of the cast were believable high school students and the stand outs were Seth Shirley as Buck, Justin Grascia as the wrestler Bradley and Chantal Thomson as Britany.

Disappointingly, there is no nudity in this play, ripe with so many possibilities to see some skin.  The hotties Seth went shirtless and in his boxer briefs.  He has a nice lean body, nice chest, lovely nipples.  As he takes his pics, you can see a hint of his pubes coming out. Just a little.  The boyish looking Justin also went shirtless and in his black underwear.  He has a very smooth body, almost hairless and what a big lovely pair of pink nipples!

Seth Shirley (center) as Buck Cummings.  Justin Garascia as Bradley is on the right side wearing track pants.
Seth Shirley (center) as Buck Cummings. Justin Garascia as Bradley is on the right side wearing track pants.

I had a good time watching this play. I believe if McCarthy tweaks this play, reorganize with less exposition, he has a very good play in his hands.


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