PENINSULA from the 2013 NYC Fringe

Guerra, Treadway and Sinoway
Guerra, Peavy and Sinoway

The NYC Fringe is like a Russian Roulette.  You can never tell what you are going to get. I got unlucky this time as I sat through one hour and a half of Nathan Wright’s play.  Not that the plot is bad, I think it has potential as everyone in the play was smitten by the lead character Tiago from Brazil.  The problem was the structure Wright decided to use to tell this story.  He used so many short scenes that is best suited on a television show or a movie.  It just doesn’t work onstage as the actors all have to mime what they were doing.  The actors all look ridiculous doing this.  Too bad because I think Josue Gutierrez Guerra as Tiago has a charm about him and he exudes presence onstage. The other stand outs were John Zdrojeski as the co-worker of Tiago who may or may not have hidden desire with Tiago and Vanessa Bartlett as Lily, Tiago’s girlfriend back in Brazil.  It was unclear whether the character of Tiago is bisexual or just a plain hustler because Wright is busy telling us other subplots.  Marc Sinoway as Nelson, the gangster was okay.  Kellan Peavy as the brat who likes Tiago played it two-dimensional.  The scenes between him and his mother was just way too many.  The audience got it the first time they Tommy and her mother talked about his father. They don’t need to tell us that over and over again.  And with that said, since everything was mimed, which I think is not entirely the fault of the director, given the structure of the play, there is NO NUDITY on this play.  The poster fooled me.  The only saving grace of the show were the VPL’s of Josue and Marc as they were wearing shorts and with proper lighting, you can see the outline of their cocks.  Josue also has lickable armpits.  I look forward to see him onstage again in another play and hopefully sans clothes.



  1. I agree that John Zdrojeski gave an outstanding performance, and of the four male principals I also thought he was the sexiest. Strangely, he’s the only male cast member NOT pictured in the main press photo above.

  2. I agree with all the above. Poorly staged and with characters miming getting dressed and undressed, lack of skin was actually a distraction.

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