Reader’s Report: 2013 NYC Fringe TALK TO ME ABOUT SHAME

From our reader Donovan. I’m reposting his review..


Jullian performs this one hour piece (including an additional 15 minutes before the show starts, as he walks around and talks to the crowd) wearing ONLY a tiny adult diaper. Near the end of the show, he rips it off and spends the remaining time onstage (5-10 minutes) entirely naked.

The show is ok. Not ground-breaking — somewhat interesting. There is much audience participation, (which for most plays with aud-part is weird and awkward,) though here it is just dull.

And now what you really want to know. Jullian seems like a sweet guy. If you are into tall, lean, slightly muscular, tan, smooth, 20-something twinks — this is a must see for you. His body is quite delicious. Nice tight little bubble butt. Great pecs. Beautiful tanned hairless skin. Not the biggest dick, but perhaps he’s a grower. He’s very lickable all over.”

Nudity Rating:  5


  1. Thanks for the review Donovan, I love the details about the show & Julian Goldhagen. Could you tell me if he’s cut or uncut though? I know it’s a silly and obvious question but I was just curious. Thanks in advance.

  2. Caught his last show. He refers to being Jewish several times and he obviously is cut. Very nice package with somewhat medium-large hangers. Cute guy.

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