1460mainI love watching Duncan Pflaster's plays because he is not afraid to push the boundaries. For many, and this is based on many plays that I have seen, writers are scared to have too much nudity. But not Pflaster.

In FOURTEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY SKETCHES OF YOUR LEFT HAND (Yes I know, the title is quite long), part of UNFRINGED THEATRE FESTIVAL 2013 at THE SECRET THEATER in Long Island City, Bianca invites Paul for an artist's retreat with her brother in their New Mexico ranch.  Little does he know Bianca wants him to help her brother Alonso to take his seizure medications.  Alonso has the hots for Paul even though Paul is straight.  Bianca falls in love  with Paul and all hell breaks loose when Bianca's army boyfriend Gabriel arrives and asks her to marry him. 

It was entertaining to hear Pflaster's one-liners.  he has the knack for writing very funny dialogue. Although I must say, this play is not at par with TAINT OF EQUALITY, which I think is funnier.  The stakes could have been higher (maybe not seizure?) and the audience could have been more at the edge of their seats.  The early part of the play was a bit slow as he establishes the plot.  It picked up when Gabriel came, played by the muscular W DEREK JORDEN.

Cast from L-R: Roberto Alexander, Emilio Paul Tirado, Neysa Lozano, W Derek Jorden
Cast from L-R: Roberto Alexander, Emilio Paul Tirado, Neysa Lozano, W Derek Jorden

DEREK has such a nice body, zero percent body fat! He even did a monologue in the nude I'm guessing over a minute , so you get a chance to ogle his beautiful thick cock (and it was soft, I can only imagine it hard! Oh God! His wife is lucky!) and low hanging balls nestled in a perfect nest of pubes. He has such a nice chest, even his silver dollar sized nipples are so delectable! I can eat him from head to toe. And speaking of toes I don't know why he was barefoot the entire play, but for foot lovers he has beautiful feet. And lucky me because from where I was sitting, I got a glance of Derek's hairy hole as he was fighting Paul. I wanted to scream and say stop! I want to lick it! Lol!Bravo to Derek! Not only because of his bravery to do nudity but he was really believable as the army guy, who likes to play around with other guys.  He is a leading man material!

For bear lovers you have EMILIO PAUL TIRADO as Paul. A totally cute cub. He is shirtless most of the time . He is hairy but not too hairy which I love, very hot! Love his big nipples as well . Multiple times he has shown his big ass, and during the fight in the final scene, we get to see his uncut cock within his pubes seemingly all shaved. He was charming and believable that Bianca could fall in love with him.

ROBERTO ALEXANDER as Alonso showed us his huge cock as he was sleep walking. Pretty impressive.  Neysa Lozano as Bianca could benefit from adding more hystrionics to her acting.  I felt she was so subdued in her acting. If it was television it is fine but this is live theater and a Pflaster play!

W Derek Jorden from Facebook
W Derek Jorden from Facebook

As readers of this blog, we all like something in common.

This play is full of nudity and I highly recommend you to go and see the two remaining shows. Come on guys! Don't mind schlepping to Queens! Its a short walk from the train station! I urge you to support this play. It's worth the trip. This is much better than what I saw at the Fringe Festival or should I say Cringe Festival.

And I'm looking forward to see the future plays of Mr. Duncan Pflaster.

NUDITY RATING: Ultra red 5!!!  


  1. I saw the play too and yes, in this small venue, there was right in your face nudity. The monologue was not at the back of the stage, but at the front, so if you are in the front row as I was, you get it up close and personal. An added plus is the play and the actors are really good.

  2. I disagree with the review. This was one of the absolute worst plays I have ever seen with acting on par with paint drying. Emilio Paul is an obese man, not a cute bear. He appears to be about 40 yet he is attempting to play a 20 something straight boy. The gay just oozes out of him and he can’t play straight to save his life. Impossible to believe that two lust after him even such wooden actors. No nudity is worth sitting through this drek.

  3. W. Derek Jorden was worth sitting through this. I have never seen low hangers like his. Duing his monologue, they did their own choreography. He is a stunning man.

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