FUCTNYC is back! THAT TIME OF THE MONTH: The Monthly Runs

After a brief hiatus, the NYC based sketch comedy troupe FUCTNYC is back at The Tank Theater for their monthly runs. The whole gang is back (Janio, Eric, Joe, Ian, Derek, Alyson and Jon minus Tommy).  This time they have added new materials and sketches and of course with their regular skits. Although some of the new materials may have missed the mark, I’m sure the gang will fix it next month.

Eric Aikey
Eric Aikey

Alyson’s SCULPT THAT DICK could have been more funny if the ladies that participated were more eager to sculpt a dick (maybe have a prize?). But of course at the center of this sketch is ERIC EIKEY who has become very comfortable with nudity is fully nude in this sketch.  His new buzzed hair cut looks pretty good on him. He shows us everything, he even spreads his ass to show us his moderately hairy hole.. (I want to finger that ass!).  Everyone went nude except for JON CRANEDEREK MIZE (who seems to be getting heavier, but still has a very cute face) shows us his cut cock and low hanging balls, as IAN SINCLAIR LASSITER, JANIO MARRERO and JOE GALAN. Ian has a very hairy body and circumcised cock, Joe has circumcised cock average size, and Janio in a new skit where he was weighing himself was just hilarious. I won’t tell you what he did at the end, but it was very funny.  He showed us his uncut Latino cock (yum!).  Alyson continues to be very funny, a natural comedienne.  It seems the group is getting back their groove and all of them have now jelled.

It was another funny evening.  Here’s looking forward to more hilarious sketches in the future!  And I’m glad these straight guys are willing us to show their stuff! Next show will be on Sept.28, 2013 at 9:30 pm.

NUDITY RATING: A hands down 5!

Get your tickets at: http://www.fuctnyc.com/#!-upcoming-shows/c1mya


  1. I thought most of the skits were really funny. The Kardashian spoof was great and the marionette skit with audience participation is always funny. It is a fun show where nudity is you expected and all the actors seem to really enjoy showing themselves. Eric was even nude at the end when taking bows while the other actors were clothed except for Ian who covered himself with his hand.

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