imageAs the Amoralists Theater Company becomes more established , we can also see the evolution of Derek Ahonen’s writing. It is becoming bigger, grander. Just like THE BAD AND THE BETTER , THE CHEATERS CLUB has over 15 actors onstage . But bigger is not necessarily better.
One of Ahonen’s strengths is his dialogue and he continues to give us funny lines. There are other characters that I felt was not needed which made the play much longer. It’s 2 and a half hour play! We don’t need the nun, the lady jogger and the frat boys.!
The play requires a massive set and they were able to accomplish it but during the climactic scene, the effect of the scene had a lesser impact since the room was all the way up, I can only hear the actors but I can’t really see their expression. Too bad because Sarah Lemp and Jordan Tisdale were standouts I believe. Anna Stromberg also made her small role very funny . It’s not easy to make people laugh with two words such as No, yes but she pulled it through.

And the bad news there is no nudity . The only amount of skin we can see was from Tiddale who is tied up for most of Act two but we can barely see it because of the set.

This is a big misfire for Ahonen this time.

NUDITY RATING: 1 ( a faraway shirtless and underwear scene by Tisdale. I like him a lot but not worth it to pay $50 and sit through this super long play. Skip this one)

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