Reader’s Review: Blasted

From blog reader keninadventure

Logan George (left) plays the Soldier and Jason de Beer (right) plays Ian, the male lead.

hi I want to comment on a play I just saw. It’s called “Blasted” by Sarah Kane playing at Duo theater in the east villeage, NYC. It was THE Darkest play I have seen so far. The male lead showed his chest first in a shower scene, and then disrobed and displayed his uncut cock and ass for 30 seconds in another scene. As long as you don’t sit too far way in the audience right seats, you should be able to see both. of course it would be great if you can sit in the first row, a little left to center. It’s general admission btw.
And then there is this soldier raping him, for like whole 2 mintues. It was a very intense scene. You can see a little bit ass from the soldier. It was a shame not to show more as he is very cute.
Then the soldier inserted a gun into male lead’s ass right after raping him. You would not see it directly as they are facing the audience.
And then some even darker scenes happend. I don’t want to dwell on here, since there is no nudity involved. but suffiice to say it is very heavy stuff.
Overall, I liked the play, mostly in the second part of the show. There was no intermission but you can tell it was two acts.
You can still see the play next week.

Tickets are available from the website:

Be warned the play is very dark as keninadventure mentioned.  If you are faint of heart, you might want to read the synopsis of the play on Wikipedia before buying your ticket.

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