Elevator Repair Service’s ARGUENDO

Mike Iveson and Vin Knight
Mike Iveson and Vin Knight

I admit I haven't heard of ELEVATOR REPAIR SERVICE until I saw them here in PUBLIC THEATER for ARGUENDO. Who would have thought that the audio of Supreme Court decision about banning public nudity in Indiana can be so hilarious! And I even learned a lot about the justice system. The ensemble is great as they alternately play the justices. I won't tell you what the decision was to have some surprise. As I walked in and read the program I learned it was about female strippers. I thought to myself, shit! I think it is female nudity. But I was so glad I was wrong.

Mike Iveson showed full frontal. He is not what you willArguendo_330x500 call gorgeous but because he is so talented I admit I'm kind of charmed by him. He reminds me of your typical daddy next door, nothing special and you will never get to see them naked. And I'm glad Mike showed it. His built is slim, not muscular at all, he has a circumcised dick, he is a grower not a shower and untrimmed pubes and hairy balls! I haven't seen that onstage for a long time now. Bravo mike for being brave to show us your goods! I enjoyed it!

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Catch it! They have extended their run)

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