Sarah Kane’s BLASTED

Logan George and Jason DeBeer

Sarah Kane’s  plays are very tricky to stage. They deal with themes of redemptive love, sexual desire, pain, torture — both physical and psychological — and death. They are characterised by a poetic intensity, pared-down language, exploration of theatrical form and, in her earlier work, the use of extreme and violent stage action. However, if not done properly, like BLASTED, can turn out in a very whiny way especially during the first half.  The actress Marie Botha as Cate is very pretty but she was two dimensional and had a hard time to give justice to Kane’s character. The lead actor Jason De Beer as Ian did okay, but partly because Botha kind of dragged him down. The play really showed its potential when Logan Goerge as the soldier was introduced. He played the part excellently and believed every word he uttered.  He looked so scary onstage. And during this part, De Beer also shined.  They really acted very well against each other.  Technically, the set and lighting were good as well.  However, when Botha re-entered again towards the end, I got reminded again that this play could have been much better.

Thank goodness, De Beer showed us his uncut cock, trimmed pubes and smooth balls, and smooth ass. His silver dollar nipples were so suckable.  His body is on the slim side, but hey, not everyone needs to be so muscular, right?  He is very charming.  George is very cute as well even though he was covered with dirt.  Too bad, he just showed us  his butt as he fucked De Beer.  I commend the director for taking the time to let his actors hump for a long time during the simulated sex scenes.  It became more realistic.  George seems to be an excellent fucker in real life, lol.

NUDITY RATING: 4 (De Beer had full frontal and a simulated sex scene beetwen George and DeBeer)

This show is closed.

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