Abrons Arts Center featuring upcoming nudity in Dance

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Pavel Zustiak/Palissimo: Endangered Pieces Opens October 2-12, 8 pm READ MORE AND BUY TICKETS >>
A man in an empty space: in a field, onstage, in combat. Is this his ultimate battle and can it be won? Pavel Zustiak/Palissimo charts new territories with Endangered Pieces, a performance unfolding in a series of dream-like scenes set amidst a looming calamity. Throughout, the visceral trumps the literal, leaving visual impressions that linger and gestate in the subconscious as both alluring and unsettling. With Pavel Zustiak, Jaro Viňarský, Mathew Rogers, musicians Christian Frederickson and Bobby McElver, and lighting by Joe Levasseur

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  1. The performance is about 75 minutes. I’m not the best writer/critic, so I’ll hold off on my opinions. Now for the important information: as you are coming in, Jaro Viňarský is lying in the back of the stage, naked. During the first 20 minutes he is being tumbled around by the other two (who are dressed). He has a dancer’s physique and is untrimmed and uncut. You definitely get a good view virtually anywhere you sit. There are other glimpses as he gets dressed, undressed, and dressed again and also further into the piece, he is naked again (the other two you see their butts) as he is backing into a wall. Rating: 5

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