ARGUENDO is Extended!

Elevator Repair Service's ARGUENDO





COOL, OBSESSIVE GENIUS! Wittily inventive – ARGUENDO is one of those shows that keeps growing richer and more insightful in the remembrance. Count me in if Elevator Repair Service decides to take on the phone book as its next project.”
–  The New York Times
Click here to read Ben Brantley’s full review!

BOISTEROUSLY ENTERTAINING! A spirited defense of free expression – as heartfelt as it is silly.”
–  Entertainment Weekly

INSPIRED DIRECTION! Sharp, dynamic, consistently witty staging from John Collins and perfectly pitched deadpan performances from his ERS actors.”
–  New York Observer

World Premiere
Elevator Repair Service’s
Created and Performed by  Elevator Repair Service
Directed by  John Collins
Featuring  Maggie Hoffman, Mike Iveson, Vin Knight, Susie Sokol, Ben Williams

Last year, The Public Theater co-produced Gatz (a unique word-for-word staging of The Great Gatsby), created and performed by Elevator Repair Service (ERS), one of America’s most acclaimed theater ensembles. This season, The Public reunites with ERS for a co-production of ARGUENDO, a playful riff on the 1991 Supreme Court case Barnes v. Glen Theatre. In this provocative case, a group of exotic dancers, citing the First Amendment, challenged a ban on public nudity. ERS stages the oral argument of the case verbatim with their signature theatricality, wit and physical precision. The production design features a breathtaking swirl of animated text projections by celebrated visual artist, Ben Rubin. 

Elevator Repair Service creates original works, with an ongoing ensemble, that explore and challenge the fundamentals of live performance.   

Ticket Price:
$66.50 – $76.50* (Member Price: $35)
 Click here
CALL: 212-967-7555 (noon – 8pm daily)
VISIT: The Taub Box Office at The Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street
Box Office Hours: Sun-Mon 1-6pm, Tues-Sat 1-7:30pm

Note: ARGUENDO contains nudity.

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