Miguel Gutierrez: myendlesslove

October 9, 2013 – October 19, 2013
The Underground

TICKETS: $20.00

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October 9-12, 16-19, 2013 | 8 pm

Benefit Performance Wednesday October 16
Benefit Tickets: $250, $100 & $50
In the Underground

Post performance discussion Thursday October 10 with Jose Muñoz

A reprise of a piece only ever performed once in 2006, myendlesslove is (not quite) a solo about the poetics of gay sex exploiting time-honored clichés about sentimentality, longing, and how we look beyond ourselves. myendlesslove is performance about love, sex and desire coming and going, going, gone.

    Miguel writes, “In 2006, after seeing my solo Retrospective Exhibitionist, Stephen Kent Jusick asked me if I would make a performance that incorporated video for the MIX Festival. I thought it was a weird and fascinating request, to make something where the formal elements were already known. I decided I would try to make a piece that was the energetic opposite to the previous solo. I had just gone through the hardest breakup of my life. I stayed up too late every night for a year. I hated the lack of space for queer grief in a world of profile pictures and stat reports. I made myendlesslove. It was only ever performed twice, once at a residency, and once at MIX. My manager’s been trying to get me to do it again for years. I finally relented. There was no money or tech support then to make the piece look the way it really wanted to look. There isn’t really any money now either, but let’s try it again and see what happens.”

Created by Miguel Gutierrez
Performed by Miguel Gutierrez and Connor Voss
Lights by Natalie Robin
Music by Miguel Gutierrez, Lionel Richie, Giorgio Moroder

The performance contains nudity.


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