Review: Endangered Pieces at Abrons Art Center

Jaro Vinarsky in a previous performance (from Flickr)
Jaro Vinarsky in a previous performance (from Flickr)

I saw this piece last night and I have to say I enjoyed it.  It is less dance and more performance art so it may not be for everyone.  The nudity however is definitely worth it!  When the audience enters, one of the dancers (Jaro Vinarsky) is lying down stage right completely nude (this being a typical New York audience, no one seemed fazed and continued with their conversations as if there wasn’t a naked man on stage).  The other two dancers soon come out and for 15 minutes or so proceed to pull, push, toss, bend, and twirl Vinarsky all  over the stage.  I was pretty impressed during this sequence – it required Vinarsky to remain rigid and yet malleable as the other two treat him like a plastic doll.

Jaro Vinarsky (Flickr)
Jaro Vinarsky (Flickr)

The next scene has Vinarsky get dressed only to undress and redress several times.  Later all three dancers are nude as they slowly slide down three poles on stage. However, the other two face away from the audience the whole time though you have a 10 minute view of their toned dancer bums!  Vinarsky makes up for it by facing the audience several times as he runs and jumps onto the back wall.

The rest of the piece is what you would expect from an experimental dance piece at an independent theater.  It is intriguing, confusing, and very off-beat.  There is a sequence involving wooden blocks that goes on a little too long but yet I liked it.  Of course if I had to explain what it was all about my answer would be “Ummm…”

Jaro Vinarsky from previous performance (Flickr)
Jaro Vinarsky from previous performance (Flickr)

As for Vinarsky, he is very handsome and looks like he stepped out of a Russian history book.  He is thin but dancer thin.  He is uncut and nicely endowed with full pubes.  You could bounce a quarter off his backside!

Only two performances left!

Nudity Rating: 5

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