Ivo Dimchev: P-PROJECT (U.S. premiere)

ivoThis is part of QUEER NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL happening at Abrons Art Center from October 23 to November 3, 2013.

From the press release:

Acclaimed Bulgarian artist Ivo Dimchev, known for his provocative performance works that explore connections between tragedy and humor and one’s personal sense of modesty, opens the festival with P-Project. Selected as one of the best theater performances for 2012 by Nachtkritik-Theatertreffen, P-Project is an interactive performance based on “P” words such as People (i.e., police, painters, prostitutes), Piano, Poetry, and Poppers. With this work, Dimchev confronts taboos surrounding money, value, and content authority, inviting audience participation and testing the audience’s creativity and desire for risk-taking.


This performance may include nudity.

From what I gathered, Ivo asks audience to participate and offers them money and see how far they are willing to go onstage.Might be a very interesting evening if he gets an exhibitionist audience member. Only one performance!

— Moderator

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  1. I couldn’t find the link to email you personally, but i wanted to let you know that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be in Sleep No More for one night only — Monday, December 9. I don’t know who he will be replacing for the night, but there is gratuitous male nudity in this show, so I guess that would make it “possible nudity”? Just a heads up!

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