Out of State Nudity – The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told!

Sorry, I am a little late with this…

From the website:

Uptown-Fabulous-Story-087KO-e1386273248957 Revamping the traditional stories of the creation of the world, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told asks the question, “What the world would be like had God made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve?”

The play opens with the Stage Manager, who may or may not be God, cueing the creation of the world, and follows the “first” couples-Adam and Steve, and Jane and Mabel-from the Garden of Eden to modern-day Manhattan.

The website warns of nudity and previous productions have had Adam and Steve romp around completely nude.  However, other productions have had them in jockstraps so full nudity might not occur.  Still, the play is an enjoyable one.

PS: This production was recently protested by a group of right-wing loons shouting out against the gayness and nudity and whatnot.  Pissing off the wingnuts – yet another reason to see the play!   Last performance is the 15th.



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  1. Yes, the guys are in jockstraps as the play opens. Later in the first act, they are fully nude for about 5 minutes when they get kicked out of the garden and not at all shy about showing everything. Both are very nicely built and somewhat ripped.

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