I just wanted to add to the excellent report of FIPInes re: naked Holidays 2013.

Philip Casale
Philip Casale

I also lusted for Phillip Casale the host. He is just a regular looking guy and quite chubby but he has charisma . He has moderately hairy body with big nips and gasp! A huge uncut schlong. Loved it when he pulled his foreskin back. Yummy! I bet it would even look better if it was hard.

999652_10101536218931864_136922472_nThe 6′ guy Jack Horton Gilbert I agree has a very nice big ass and I was very happy to see his hairy hole as he bend forward in the NAKED PEOPLE PLAY part. I agree with FIPines that he must be a grower but he has a mushroom head that I would love to lick. Compared to his headshot I think he has gained a bit of a weight but I don’t mind. He is still very cute. He has the cutest face among the cast members.

44329_540314214254_377524_nChristopher Paysuer was the first one to get naked on skates. He has a cut cock and his balls were hairy as well as his ass. His body is very fit as well


Andrew Edward Reyes the break dancer also has a nice cut cock with very bushy pubes . His body is so lean and very nice as he tumbles onstage with his block and balls hanging .


As the priest, Alfredo Guenzani although he is Italian reminded me of Guga from tennis. He has thick curly hair and slim bod with an uncut cock and bushy pubic hair as well. Bravo!

And again I agree with FIPines that there is something erotic when you see someone playing an instrument in the nude . It was nice to see Alfredo play a musical instrument in the nude.


The other members of the band who got naked were Dave Chura who has a nice sized cut cock that leans toward left and red haired pubes and Matthew Glogowski who at the end was playing his instrument in the nude which made me hard as I watched him first playing their instrument with clothes on.

For those who treacly like skinny thinks there’s who also has nice cut cocky Jarrod Bates

The venue is okay I think it’s  perfect for this kind of show however the sound system in the Cutting Room needs to be changed. I can not understand what the actors were saying half of the time.

And follow FIPines that you can save thru gold star . Only paid $20 plus $20 minimum for food and or Drink.

Is the funniest show I’ve seen? Definitely not but it’s worth some Laughs and best of all lots of naked guys! Last show is  Dec.30! Catch it.

NUDITY RATING : A definite 5


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