To ring in the new year and celebrate yet another production of the great nude-male fest known as TAKE ME OUT, let’s take a look back at the back (and front!) of hot Shane McRae.

Now I have to say, I have seen TAKE ME OUT  practically everywhere, from Off-Broadway to Broadway to Los Angeles (with Jeremy Sisto)—even in Florida, just because Sebastian LaCause was starring in it (with the up-and-cummer Haskell King!) I gotta say, I never get tired of watching the cock parade in this play! Shane made his nude debut as a replacement in the Broadway version, and unlike such monster-hung TMO alum as Daniel Sunjata, Haskell, Sebastian, Neal Huff and Kohl Sudduth, Shane is more a grower than a shower, like other TMO actors such as David Eigenberg and Dominic Fumusa. All these gorgeous guys have beautiful schlongs. And Shane has an equally beautiful face. More recent nude Shane sightings include KILLERS, in which he showed his delectable boy pussy and low hangers. I found a tiny cock shot of Shane in TMO (couldn’t find one bigger). Shane_Mcrae

Shane McRae
Shane McRae


  1. My dear Garytier: Oh how I empathize with you. I also have the expensive curse of being a TMO whore – DC, Richmond, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Baltimore, and a horrible local production in Arlington. Pittsburgh was the best and my favorite dick feast. Toddy Koovitz in the Pittsburgh production was actually played by a beefy Polish actor with a kielbassy to match. (Koovitz in Baltimore was, oddly, played by an African American.) This is by far my ultimate favorite play with male nudity. I start getting wet as soon as the curtain goes up and the lockers are exposed. It varies by production. DC, Dallas, and Pittsburgh had in-your-face dick. Arlington had brief nudity but the shower was blocked by a partition (sacrilegious!) 1/2 the guys in Richmond were naked – but not the main characters. I have never seen the “Changing Room” but it would also probably satisfy my lust for locker room nudity on stage.

  2. Fipines, a couple of years ago the T. Schreiber theater did a production of The Changing Room. Unfortunately in order to attract actors they compromised with the nudity. In the first changing scene, all but one of the actors changed with their backs to the audience. In the second changing scene, three or four had the balls to show us their balls. The rest faced away again. It was disappointing that most of the actors chickened out but I could understand why they made that choice. I wish the play was performed as often as Take Me Out – when done with braver actors it must be an amazing site to see! There is also an Australian play called The Truth About Kookaburras that opens with a 15-minute locker room scene, with an entire Australian League Football team emerging from the showers. One production I read about had 22 men in that scene – all nude! Maybe one day the play will find its way here (one can only hope!)

  3. Jeremy Sisto had a big, thick uncut member. His foreskin was prominent. Very nice to see him lather up his broad hairy chest while gazing leisurely at his intact cock. Fipines, who had the best cocks from the productions you saw? For me, they were Haskell King, Sebastian LaCause, Daniel Sunjata, and Neal Huff.

  4. Nearly Naked Theater in Phoenix, AZ, goes all out and naked with their current production (Jan. ’14) of Take Me Out. Damon, the director, knows what the boys want to see.

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