Thomas Bradshaw’s INTIMACY

SSIntimacy4From the press release:

by Thomas Bradshaw
directed by Scott Elliott
with David AnzueloAustin CauldwellElla DershowitzLaura Esterman, Daniel Gerroll, Déa Julien and Keith Randolph Smith 

Come on a surprising journey with three families in a well-manicured, multi-racial American town. When secrets and sexual desires suddenly explode, pleasant neighborly relations take same shocking and transformative turns. Following his recent premieres, Burning (The New Group, 2011) and Job, Thomas Bradshaw is back with a boisterous and revealing comedy about race, sex and intimacy. Directed by Scott Elliott, Intimacy explicitly explores on stage what goes on behind closed doors, between the sheets, and sometimes even… in front of the camera.

Previews begin Jan. 13, 2014; closes March 8, 2014 in NYC.

Cast of Intimacy by Lindsay Champion
Cast of Intimacy by Lindsay Champion

From This production contains nudity, mature themes and language.


  1. Just saw this show, lots of nudity. In act one Keith Randolph Smith shows his dick when lowering his underwear to go the bathroom. Cute Austin Cauldwell shows everything. In Act one he sits on a bed close to the edge of the stage on stage right and starts to masturbate. He lowers his underwear right in front of the people on that side. He plays with himself and then lies on the bed then rolls over. From my seat, front row middle, I could see his cute ass and balls peaking through when he rolled over. He is then completely nude in that bed a little later and at the beginning of act 2
    the bed is moved to the center and the act starts with him in bed nude. I saw everything. David Anzuelo has a scene in act one off stage left where he
    is masturbating while sitting at a computer. I couldn’t see anything but then he turns the chair around and you see his cock and big balls. He turns around and starts to masturbate again. When the lights go out and he puts his underwear on I could see he got himself hard. In Act 2 He has another
    full frontal scene and a scene were he blows Austin. From the front I could see it was a fake penis .Daniel Gerroll gets nude in Act 2 as well but it was
    blocked from my view all I saw was the side of his ass. Good weird show.

    1. I was in row C for this show. Pretty over-the-top and pedantic, but Austin Cauldwell is adorable. Pf0723… wonder if I saw you there…?

  2. I was in seat A13 and the stage was right in front of me. I could see everything. The bed is center in the 2nd act but was far enough back that
    I could see.

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