JULIANA F. MAY Commentary=not thing


JULIANA F. MAY Commentary= not thing

From the press release:

January 10, 2014 – January 13, 2014
Abrons Arts Center Playhouse

TICKETS: $20.00


Friday, January 10, 10:00 PM
Saturday, January 11, 4:00 PM
Sunday, January 12, 7:00 PM
Monday, January 13, 3:00 PM

Run time: 60 minutes

Commentary=not thing, is a dance play in two parts. This trio for two men and a woman prioritizes a more attentive and often aggressive relationship to the naked body, the functions of the body and the genitals. In an effort to expose the often chaotic and conflicting modes of communication among the group, the lone word or gesture sits next to the chunky dense repeating text. They crash and transform or (deliberately) don’t go anywhere. The loss and arousal in this dysfunction creates a jagged and illegible terrain, which makes a case for abstraction and its ability to communicate the expressive possibility of the emotional body and alternately, expose and lament its vast limitations.

From the MODERATOR: Ben Asriel is back! Very likely he will be in the nude again.

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