IMG_8136I love Thomas Bradshaw’s plays not only because he always include nudity but because he does not shy away from controversial messages and his plays are always a good topic of conversation no matter whether you agree with him or not. Either you love it or you hate it. He had a misstep last year with BURNING. That play was just a mess. No coherence at all.

I’m glad to say this time he is back with INTIMACY.  The play is about three suburban family units: a father, James (Daniel Gerroll) grieving his dead wife, living with his sex-obsessed son Matthew (Austin Cauldwell). Another father, Fred (David Anzuelo) is fiercely protective of daughter Sarah (Déa Julien) as she embarks on a horny affair with Matthew. Then there’s Jerry (Keith Randolph Smith), Pat (Laura Esterman) the very liberal parents and daughter Janet (Ella Dershowitz): the latter, it emerges, is a porn star with much to teach her parents. He used a microcosm of three families living side by side to address religious hypocrisy, our own hipocrisy toward porn, how we like watching them but look down on its performers. As one of the characters put it, if there is no porn in the world, the world will be very bleak. So we should be thankful for those people who are willing to share their intimate body parts to the world.Now the second act was a bit loopy I must say , focusing instead on making a porn film and tying the loose ends quickly to wrap up the story, making it simplistic (which kind of contradict the degree of this problem in the First Act) as well as settling to a happy ending for everyone but I must say Bradshaw has the balls to write it and he, the cast and The New group deserve an applause for this.  This play can improve, yes, but this is way better than BURNING.

David Anzuelo
David Anzuelo

I got a seat on audience left. not a great seat because most of the nudity in the first act was on audience right. I wasn’t able to see Smith’s nudity because my view was blocked by the sofa. However toward the end of first act, I got to see in close up Azuelo’s erect cock as he jerks it off. He shaves his pubes his balls are right and shaved as well, and he has a nice big ass.

Austin Cauldwell

Austin Cauldwell has an auspicious debut as he showed us everything as well. He has a young, lithe body , and seems he has has hairy chest and pubes but he clipped it though. I guess to appear younger. He is supposed to be only 17 in the play. His ass crack is very hairy. He has a nice circumcised cock and  a shaved low hanging balls . Since I was in audience left, I can only see Austin’s masturbation in the first act from afar. I wasn’t sure if he was erect or not. But in the beginning of Act two the bed was in the center thank god so I had an up close view of his cock. By the way, I wonder where they got the film of cumshot. If anyone knows any inside info, I’m curious to see where they got the clip. Because the body of the guy cumming on television is very similar to Austin’s. I don’t know if I am just imagining this.

The only one who did not show full frontal was Gerroll. He only showed his ass in the end when he was doing frontage. I love his accent. I would have loved to see his British cock.

Smith as the liberal father showed his cock twice as he takes a dump and receive a blow job from his wife although I did not get to see it because it was blocked by the sofa at the center.  I only saw his big ass at the second act.

I love most of Bradshaw’s plays.  However, there is always something that needs improvement. Is INTIMACY a great play? Hell, no! But I can’t stay away from Bradshaw’s plays. I’m hoping soon, I’ll see a great play from him. But in the meantime, I had a great time watching INTIMACY. Catch it. It’s a limited engagement only .

NUDITY RATING: perfect 5!  (one of the plays with extensive nudity I’ve ever seen)


  1. I sat in the center and had a great view of Cauldwell in the second act and Anzuelo’s erect cock. I am wondering if anyone sat audience right and saw Cauldwell’s masturbation scene and then later sex scene? Is his cock on display or is it hidden by his position in the bed? Definitely a group of brave actors – I can’t imagine they are inviting their grannies to come see this play lol.

  2. i sat on row E towards audience right and saw the scene but it was a bit dark. Those who sat on the front got a great view but he did not get erect. i think if you sit towards the audience right and towards the front you get the best view of everything.

  3. Wonderful play — Bradshaw’s best — and so ingeniously staged you’d have to see it three times (left, right, middle) to catch all the nudity. Highly recommended & worth the extra trips!

  4. Just saw it today, I was sitting audience right, about five rows back. You do get glimpses of Cauldwell’s cock during the masturbation scene and when he’s ‘frottaging’ his girlfriend but it’s staged in such a way that you don’t see a lot. And he does use a dildo when he comes. The best view of Cauldwell is the top of Act 2 when the bed is center stage. I did see Keith Randolph Smith’s cock when he sits on the toilet; a nice cut cock again with trimmed pubes. But my absolute favorite is David Anzuelo. I wish I had been sitting audience left so I could have been closer to his beautiful boner scene; there was a gasp in the audience when he turns his chair to face the audience with his legs spread and his big dick and tight balls on full display. And his Act 2 scene when he tries to seduce Cauldwell was fantastic. He spills water on his crotch as an excuse to pull his pants down, to show he’s wearing a very small and revealing g-string. You can see the outline of his cock with big cut head through the small covering as well as a small patch of pubes. He then rubs his crotch with a towel pulling the g-string lower. Then he pulls it off exposing his awesome package to Cauldwell. When he backs up and sits down his cock bobs up – Anzuelo is certainly not shy in showing off everything. I may have to go back just to sit audience left!

  5. Saw the play 2/15. Mostly enjoyed it. I, too, sat in audience left and missed Cauldwell’s first act jerk off scene. Even during the beginning of act two – when the king bed was in the middle of the stage – I never fully saw Cauldwell’s cock. I saw his balls and taint – but wished I had a long hard look at his dick. He was cute and – for the toe queen in me – I was mostly focused on his lickable bare feet – which I saw close up and got a little chubby.. I got TOO good of a look at the girl’s nude body and pudendum.. I can stand that for a short time, but have deep admiration for actresses who appear stark naked on legit stage. Anzuelo, however, was the real treat. Audience left payed off when he dropped his jeans. I loved the g-string scene when the top of his suckable cock was exposed (I found this more erotic than the full shot.) I was close enough to see his pee hole and I started to leak pre-cum – but only one spot on my khakis for this show. Hubby (who usually protests when I drag him to these shows) had a little too many pre-theater cocktails and was passed out for most of act one. He actually like the play and wants to return to see how it started. Will try next time for audience right for a better glimpse of Cauldwell’s young meat.

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