Out of state nudity: OEDIPUS EL REY in Dallas

398oed7-24-730w338tFrom their website:

1/16/2014 to 3/2/2014
Rhythms pound. Violence escalates. A Chicano delinquent fights his way to the pinnacle of gangland power. But not even he can win the ultimate battle against fate. Sizzling, sexy, and startlingly contemporary, playwright Luis Alfaro’s adaptation tears Sophocles’ timeless Greek tragedy out of its mythic past and catapults it into the vivid, vicious reality of today’s L.A. barrios.

Contains adult themes and language, violence, nudity, and cigarettes.

Oedipus el Rey wlll be performed in the Wyly Theatre’s intimate Studio Theatre. Seating is limited and many performances are already sold out—be sure to buy your tickets today!

NOTE from the Moderator: The role of Oedipus requires nudity

Philippe Bowgen is Oedipus in this production.

Philippe Bowgen as Oedipus
Philippe Bowgen as Oedipus

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