1.167688Another enjoyable evening at the theater from Rattlesticks.  There might be a spoiler alert so be warned before continuing to read my review…
How much does our guilt contribute in our perceptions and our tendency to believe in something.

Thomas Jay Ryan plays Phillip Graves an attorney mourning the recent death of his wife.  We discover he has hired the service of Mirabel (played by Heather Alicia Simms) to send a message asking for forgiveness to his wife. As Phillip and Mirabel start to fall in love, messages were left inside Phillip’s apartment that seemed to be coming from his wife. Mirabel discovered it was the Young Man (played by Jordan Geiger) that leaves the message.  But how come he has the same handwriting as his dead wife? How does he know things that only he and his wife knew all along?  When the Young Man revealed that he is the wife of Phillip reincarnated, the spotlight is on Phillip. The wife that he loved, can he still love him even if she is a man now?

The cast were very good but especially Thomas Jay Ryan. I can completely feel the guilt Phillip felt.

Technically, the set is very beautiful, perfect for the play, and the lighting and sound contributed to make Ken Urban’s NYC staging effective.

As for the nudity, when the wife played by Jordan Geiger wants to have sex with Phillip, he took of his panty and revealed an uncut cock, trimmed pubes and tight set of balls. He is skinny, but he has nice hairy muscular legs and big ass.  You have to sit on audience left to see Geiger’s uncut schlong.


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  1. Jordan Geiger: Gorgeous, plump, uncut dick. Mouthwatering! One of the best in recent theater, and I’ve seen em all. Last performance is today, Sunday, March 16th, at 7p.m. Let’s show him some love. He sure showed us some. Jordan: U got a fan for life!

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