The Players Theatre’s Short Play Festival

sexThe Annual Players Theatre Short Play Festival featuring


will run from Feb.13-March 2.

It’s going to be a smorgasbord of short plays and will be a “hit or miss” in terms of nudity.

Week 1

February 13 – 16

Man Again by Constance George

Speed Dating for Actors by Patrick Blake

Flight of Fancy by Leonard Goodisman

A Jimmy Carter Valentine by Daniel Glenn

What I Like by Duncan Pflatser

Week 2

February 20 – 23

The Tinder Scrapbooking Love Guru Victoria by Cat Migliaccio

Scrimmage by Phoebe Farber

Sleeping With Movie Stars by Mark William Butler

Yappy Hour by Madeline Puccioni

Broken by Brian – Paul Mendoza

Week 3

February 27 – March 2

Missed Connections at the Pussy Promised Land by Lavinia Roberts

Adam’s Apple by Fidel Fonteboa

At The Well by Eric B. Sirota

Spoo-gah by Chris Chaberski

Upstairs by Marcia Slatkin

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