A report from one of our readers: Thanks m_lo!

Hi, I may be too late to let you know -- only one more performance tonite at 
abron arts center -- but i thought i would let you know.  I'm a follower of the 
site and wanted to let you know of a dance that has nudity at the Abrons arts 
center (says tickets are sold out but you may only be able to get standby 
tickets). There are 3 pieces.  The last one, called two room apartment, features 
nudity. The performer, Oren Laor strips down near the last 1/3 of the 
performance. You sit on the stage-- I sat along the back stage wall in the 
middle.  If you want more views of his butt -- sit on stage left towards the 
back wall and if you prefer to see the front (cut, and untrimmed) sit towards 
front of the stage on audience left. Overall, i really liked it (although i 
thought the first two performances were a bit too long -- 45 minutes a piece-- 
and boring). I also included pics.  

here is the link:

TWO-ROOMS-1-photo-Gadi-Dagon TwoRoomApt

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