Review: Shooting Abe

Ethan Fishbane as Abe, Christopher Moss as Ty, and Joe Kopyt as Shlomi
Ethan Fishbane as Abe, Christopher Moss as Ty, and Joe Kopyt as Shlomi

Shooting Abe is part of the 8th Annual Frigid Festival.  The play revolves around a confrontation between two Jewish brothers, Abe and Shlomi that happens to take place during a nude photo shoot Shlomi is conducting with Ty.  Abe is trying to convince his brother to come back into the Orthodox Jewish fold and abandon the secular life Shlomi has been living as a photographer of male nudes (particularly tall, blond Christian men). It is very much implied that Shlomi is also gay but closeted.

The actors do well with the material which plods along for a while and then ups the dramatic tension immensely midway through.  I am not sure I entirely got what the playwright was going for but I still enjoyed it.

Scene from Shooting Abe
Scene from Shooting Abe

As for the nudity, all but 5 minutes of the play’s 50 minute run time has a fully nude actor on stage. Christopher Moss plays Ty the male model/baseball player.  He spends the first half of the play completely nude and is not shy about it!  Moss is tall, fit, and is a shower.  He has a moderately hairy chest, trimmed pubes, and is cut.  During one scene he mimics running and it is a sight to behold!

Ethan Fishbane plays Abe, who is nude for the second half of the play (not entirely sure plot wise why Abe had to get nude but I am not complaining).  Fishbane is very cute, with a very hairy chest, and average sized cut member nestled in a full bush.  His butt is very smooth however.

Both nude actors are not shy and prance around the stage posing during their scenes.  There is not a bad place to sit though center seating is probably the best.

There are only two more performances, tonight at 10:15 and Sunday at 3:40.  See for tickets.

Nudity Rating: 5!

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