wild-at-irtFrom the press release:

Happening Now at IRT……
Sanguine Theatre Company presents
BY Crystal Skillman
Peter and Bobby graduated from Northwestern together, live together, work together, sleep together. But when one of them cheats with a woman, they dive into a world of wild sexual affairs that threaten what they once had. But through this cycle of destruction and repair, will they find a different kind of love?

Photo by:Christopher Fitzer

PERFORMANCES: Thurs-Sun, March 13-April 6
TIMES: 8pm Th-Sat, 3pm Sun.
PRICE: $15 online, $18 at the door
AT IRT: 154 Christopher st. NYC #3B (third floor)


  1. I can confirm – there is frontal nudity in this play. The two guys wearing ties in the above photo get fully naked during a skinny dipping scene. The cutie with the glasses has an especially nice dick! The guy wearing the green sweatshirt also shows his nice butt to the audience when changing out of his swim suit!

  2. The scene is so dimly lit and so far far upstage I couldn’t tell if they were cut or not — and that’s staring right at ’em! I liked the thinner one without the glasses. Like a young Tony Perkins (compliment).

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