SNOWFALL-POSTER-FULL-SIZE-FOR-WEB-AND-EMAIL-625x1024From the press release:

World Premiere of A Snowfall In Berlin by Don Nigro
Directed by Shaun Peknic

Starring: Brandi Bravo,  Don Carter*, Stephanie Heitman, Tatyana Kot, Jessica Vera*, Eric Percival.

A young actress is found drowned in a tub. The lonely police detective sent to investigate finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into a maddening world of nesting-doll riddles created by Natasha, a beautiful and troubled Russian exile who is making an experimental film about a girl who drowns in a tub.

Set Design by Cassie Dorland
Lighting Design by Wilburn Bonnell
Costume Design by Debbi Hobson
Sound Design by Andy Evan Cohen
Stage Manager: Laura Hirschberg

at LATEA 107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

Play runs: 100 min with no intermission.

This production contains full frontal nudity.

Friday, March 21st at 8pm
Saturday, March 22nd at 8pm
Sunday, March 23rd at 8pm
Thursday, March 27th at 8pm
Saturday, March 29th at 3pm
Sunday, March 30th at 3pm
Wednesday, April 2nd at 8pm
Friday, April 4th at 8pm
Saturday, April 5th at 8pm

From the moderator: I wonder if Eric Percival will show us his cock again?

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