Review: Wild

Hunter Canning as Peter and Jeff Ronan as Bobby
Hunter Canning as Peter and Jeff Ronan as Bobby

Wild, by Crystal Skillman, revolves around a young couple living in Chicago, Peter and Bobby.  As the play begins, Peter has a drunken one night stand with a woman he met at a bar.  The rest of the plays deals with the aftermath as both Peter and Bobby’s poor handling of the situation and bad decisions threaten to destroy their relationship (or what’s left of it).

I did enjoy this play and I thought the leads – Hunter Canning as Peter and Jeff Ronan as Bobby – were very good and believable as a couple in crisis.  However, I did have some issues with it.  It’s never really explained why Peter had sex with a woman despite being gay.  The supporting cast was decent though there were a couple of times where the actors appeared to be struggling to remember their lines.  Hopefully this will improve as the play continues it run.  I think the biggest problem though was I wasn’t rooting for Bobby and Peter to get back together.  They was too much bitterness and betrayal between the two to believe a lasting relationship could happen.  That being said, I wasn’t bored and would most likely see the play again in the future.

David Armanino as Jordy and Jeff Ronan as Bobby
David Armanino as Jordy and Jeff Ronan as Bobby


As for the nudity, during a skinny dipping scene Bobby and the intern from his office Jordy (played by David Armanino) get fully nude.  The actors make out for a bit, strip down, make out some more and then run off stage to the “ocean”.  The next scene has them emerge wet on the beach where they get dressed.  Armanino has a slight, almost twinkish body, with an average cut dick and trimmed pubes.  Ronan has a decent build and a very nice large dick – he is a shower with trimmed pubes and appears cut.  I honestly think he is extremely attractive!



Lyonel Reneanu as Vin
Lyonel Reneau as Vin

Lyonel Reneau, who plays Vin, a grad student who catches Peter’s eye, also gets naked when he changes out of his wet bathing suit into shorts.  Unfortunately the staging has him facing away from the audience but you get a good view of his nice firm butt.

Due to the low lighting during the skinny dipping scene, it is probably best to sit in the first couple of rows to get a good view.  Everything was clear from that seating area but further back in the theater it might be harder to see everything.




BhX3e4VCYAANmX2Nudity Rating: 5

Closing Date: April 6


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  1. The play is slightly uneven. The first act, I thought WILD should not be the title but ANGRY because every character seems angry at the world. However, Skillman has excellent moments in the second act and the best part is that the gay love story felt so normal in this play. Even with it’s uneveness, I enjoyed it. Lots of tender moments. Jeff Ronan has a very nice big cock. It could be really huge when it is hard I imagine.

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