THE BIG FUNK, A Casual Play

Jacob Troy and Ivette Dumeng
Jacob Troy and Ivette Dumeng

The Nylon Fusion Theater Company has revived  John Patrick Shanley’s THE BIG FUNK a fantastical comedy, and is one of Shanley’s most forthright philosophical pieces, mixing theatrical conventions like the play-within-a-play, speeches to the audience and leaps in time and action. It is a complex essay on modern life at the end of the 20th century.

Shanley’s characters echoes larger, more universal characters. Omar (Josh Sienkewicz), a retired knife-thrower who can no longer “hit the dot,” with his wife, Fifi (Meghan Jones), plays a bustling Hera, scurrying to serve her husband. Omar’s friend Austin (Jacob Troy) rescues Jill (Ivette Dumeng) from a singles bar where she has been picked up and slimed with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly by the abusive Gregory (Paul Walling ), then takes her back to his apartment to give her a bath.

This is definitely not an easy play from Shanley. The play could go flat any minute and could go downhill from there. I liked the addition of Roly Polly band as they play accompanying music throughout the play which adds tremendously to the evening fun.  The company is certainly up to the challenge but Dumeng is outstanding.

For the nudity part, Jacob Troy has an extensive nudity at the end of the play as he disrobes and deliver his monologue.  I believe it’s almost 5 minutes that he is stark naked in front of the audience and the set is well lit. You can definitely see every inch of Jacob’s body! He has a slim built but his circumcised cock looks delicious and is quite thick.  His pubic hair is very fine and nicely combed, You can definitely ogle him, and see the ridges of his tight balls, or the veins from his cock.  One of the best nudity onstage that I have seen!  You can sit anywhere and see Jacob’s cock.  But of course, the closer the better, although the seats are not too far from the stage.

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Definitely catch it)  It’s a must! I highly recommend it.

To get tickets:

I wonder if the other play in repertory A SNOWFALL IN BERLIN has male nudity as well, Hmmm. I hope so.


  1. Thanks, Milu. This play’s been around for nearly 25 years; Jake Weber, I think, originated the Austin/actor character that Jacob Troy does now, the one who has the extended nude scene near the end; one review of a production years ago talked about the character studying his genitals in a mirror. And why not? I’ll be seeing the first performance of Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra on Saturday, despite no nudity notice at audition or warning of nudity at theater. Too much emphasis has been placed on soap hottie Chris Stack beacuse most of the steam from the play might come from three much younger actor/characters, one of whom roofies and rapes the other two. Stay tuned, and don’t leave your drink unattended.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Berlin. As for big scene in The Big Funk, it’s such a lengthy, well-lit and in-your-face scene (sit dead center), you don’t even have to see it twice. For sheer eroticism, though, I prefer Jordan Geiger in The Correspondent, which is the most beautiful example of male nudity in New York theater I’ve seen since Jake Silbermann in 3C, which was the most beautiful example of male nudity in New York theater since Seth Numrich in Slipping — all THREE plays in the same theater. Rattlestick is like Lourdes for “our thing,” as they say in the mafia.

  3. …and how could I forget Logan Marshall-Green in The Hallway Triology, ALSO at Rattlestick? Add Bill Heck in Angels in America (at Signature) & you have top 5 of the last five years (During one of my visits to 3C, Bill Heck was sitting behind me & during one of my trips to Angels in America Seth Numrich was in the audience. When it comes to male nudity in New York theater, you can’t hide from the gifted hotties).

  4. …and Roe Hartrampf in Unnatural Acts at Classic Stage! Yikes, now I’m four away from a Top 10 for the last five years. But don’t even ask me to rank Geiger, Hartrampf, Heck, Marshall-Green, Numrich and Silbermann, except alpabetically (I’d include Jonny Orsini in The Nance, but it was a bit too peekabooey to count).

  5. # 7 & 8: William Apps & Matthew Pileci in HotelMotel (Amoralists). The most CLOSE-UP male nudity I’ve ever seen — chairs were arranged like flies on the wall of a cramped motel room.

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