ARGUENDO in Washington D.C.

WMT-14003_ARG753x288Shwpg_csElevator Repair Service’s ARGUENDO is coming to Washington DC!  MIke Iveson is going to show you his bits again in this critically acclaimed show.

From the press release:

ERS takes on The Supreme Court.

In Arguendo, ERS tackles Barnes v. Glen Theatre, a 1991 U.S. Supreme Court case. Brought by a group of go-go dancers who claimed a First Amendment right to dance totally nude, the case examines an Indiana law that banned public nudity. At oral argument, the Justices attempt to define dance, ponder nudity in opera houses vs. strip-clubs, and ask whether naked erotic dancing is artistic expression or immoral conduct.

Arguendo is a staging of Barnes v. Glen Theatre’s entire oral argument, verbatim, interspersed with bits of real interviews with the justices, the lawyers and an exotic dancer who traveled all the way from the Déja Vu Club in Saginaw, Michigan to listen to the argument at The Supreme Court.

Select performances feature conversations with ERS director John Collins joined by journalists, constitutional law experts and other special guests.

Vin Knight and Mike Iveson
Vin Knight and Mike Iveson

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