Celeb Selfie- Guess who?

showerI received an email from someone with this attached picture.

Here’s the message:

“Guess who is this character actor?  His break-out role was in a Broadway play in the early 2000’s. He then made it in Hollywood getting consistent character roles both on TV and in movies.  This picture was from his profile in BigMuscle.com before the proliferation of those sex apps such as Grindr.  He is an out actor, and is in a healthy long term relationship.  I guess he is allowed to play around.”

Hmmm… I have no clue. Any guess guys?


  1. I thought it looked and sounded like Cheyenne Jackson. But I think he has tattoos (I’m not sure how long ago he got them) and he’s also not in a long-term stable relationship because he left his husband of many years about a year ago.

  2. The description fits Denis O’Hare. His breakout role in Take Me Out in 2003 won him a Tony. He is a pretty busy character actor these days – he was in Milk, Changling, Dallas Buyers Club, True Blood, American Horror Story, and The Good Wife. His is openly gay and has been with his husband for years. However, the hairline just doesn’t seem to match nor does the body type. But I have never seen him shirtless so who knows what he looks like underneath.

  3. Another guess could be Raul Esparza though it might be a stretch. He is openly bi and his breakout roles on stage were in The Rocky Horror Show and Taboo, in the the early 2000s. But he really hasn’t been in too many movies and I don’t really know if he is in a long term relationship.

  4. O’Hare and Esparza are both excellent guesses — but you’re right about the O’Hairline and Esparza not publicizing a relationship after his marriage. Esparza DID have a nude scene 10 years ago in a Public Theater version of The Normal Heart, and when the doctor pulled down his boxer shorts she stopped just shy of the tip of his penis — perhaps because Esparza might be uncut and his character isn’t supposed to be. His chest was smooth in the production, but you can always shave. I also recall O’Hare talking about exchanging naked photos with his now husband. So confusing!

    1. I’m pretty convinced by the O’Hare argument. If you look up photos of him in the early 2000s, the hairline could be a match. It depends on how old the picture is, but it looks like him to me!

  5. What little we can see of the face sure LOOKS like Cheyenne Jackson: the pert mouth, the length of the brow, the hairline & color. Maybe the bio’s off.

  6. Cheyenne Jackson is way more cut than this guy… (don’t get me wrong, this guy is hot). So, who is it?

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