As I need space in my rented storage. I have decided to sort all papers I have as well. And I discovered the plays I saw since I started reviewing nudity in NY Stage in Yahoo! Groups. So I’ve decided to share some of those plays since 2001.
I’m going to start with THE NINTH CIRCLE (2002)



Starring the hottie Gene Forman. He is still a hottie even in 2014 but now, he is a DILF.

Gene Forman
Gene Forman


  1. New show alert: the mysteries at flea theater
    It’s a 6 hour show in three acts! An awesome theatrical experience with geogerous and gratuitous nudity. One guy each did full and unrushed nudity in each act. In act 3, they also show another guy pissing at someone. From where I sit I can see his cock, but can’t tell if the piss is real or not. Its a show with lots of fun, and they serve dinner and desserts during breaks. Catch it when u can. I think there are still some 55 dollar tix left. Seating advice: the center area would be better, but most seats are fine.

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