MEN GO DOWN: Part 3 The Black Recollections

I think HOTEL SAVANT THEATER COMPANY is one of the best theater companies here in NYC.  Their productions are well thought of and it shows based on the high qualities of their production.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any from them since 2011.

The last production I’ve seen from them was: Men Go Down trilogy: part 3 The Black Recollections which  was set in Turkey 1893 AD, 1500 years after Part 1 and one year after the king, Endymion, awakens from a 1000-year sleep on the eve of the summer equinox. The king’s ancestral home, built into a cliff, is now a ruined Victorian hotel, where he resides in limbo as a cocaine-addicted “renter,” seemingly unable to cope with modern conventions. There he engages in a series of sacrificial games in an effort to escape yesteryear’s crimes. A deconstructed Victorian Chamber drama, full of vicious humor, Black Recollections is a perverse exploration of our willful inability to atone for past mistakes.

The set is excellent and so is the ensemble. I’m glad I found their posting on vimeo.  Here’s the uncensored version.  Tim Eliot is just gorgeous!

Hotel Savant – Men Go Down – FINAL for WEB from John Jahnke/Hotel Savant on Vimeo.

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