The Flea Theater’s THE MYSTERIES

From our reader Ken:

” New show alert: THE MYSTERIES at Flea theater. It’s a 6 hour show in three acts! An awesome theatrical experience with generous and gratuitous nudity. One guy each did full and unrushed nudity in each act. In act 3, they also show another guy pissing at someone. From where I sit I can see his cock, but can’t tell if the piss is real or not. Its a show with lots of fun, and they serve dinner and desserts during breaks. Catch it when u can. I think there are still some 55 dollar tix left. Seating advice: the center area would be better, but most seats are fine.”

From the press release:

“A cast of 54 — including a 19-member angel chorus — will perform 50 short plays over a projected five and a half to six hours, dinner and dessert breaks included. With the largest ensemble the Flea has ever featured, plenty of dance and the occasional fight scene, the show literally shakes the building.”
-New York Times

A World Premiere Event

The Flea embarks on an extravaganza with 48 playwrights and 54 actors retelling the entirety of The Bible in a single night.

50 World Premiere plays telling the entire History of Man’s Salvation from The Fall of Lucifer through and including Judgment Day.
Angel Chorus: Julia Anrather, Matthew Bovee, Jessica Cannizzaro, Anna Dart, Jacklyn Rae DellaTorri, Julie Ann Earls, Anya Gibian, Lauren Hayes, Adelind Horan, Sarah Keyes, Jessie MacBeth, Andy Miller, Emily Nash, Rebeca Rad, Ned Riseley, Brittane Rowe, Xan Russell, Sarah M. White

Justin Ahdoot, Alice Allemano, Janice Amaya, Jaspal Binning, Megan Branch, Dominique Brillon, Allison Buck, Matthew Cox, Ricardo Davila, Asia Kate Dillon, A.J. Ditty, Sam Garber, Tyler Gardella, Alex J. Gould, Alex Haynes, Kyle Hines, Lindsley Howard, Jonathan Huggins, Matthew Jeffers, Rory Kulz, Leemore Malka, Zac Moon, Alesandra Nahodil, Karsten Otto, Tara Pacheco, Eleanor Philips, Peter Sansbury, Alex Seife, Eliza Simpson, Matt Stango, Stephen Stout, Kate Thulin, Elijah Trichon, Paul Thomas Truitt, Colin Waitt


  1. Thanks, Ken! Could you figure out which actors did the nudity? In a cast that size, it must be challenging. And is it three actors in total, or four including the pisser?

  2. My all-time fave at the Flea was an Adam Rapp play called Bingo with the Indians — full of sex, violence and three male nudes, including a heart-stopping one by lead Cooper Daniels, who had to change his name from Chris Cooper because of the FAMOUS Chris Cooper. But what a performance! And what a hottie.

  3. Calvin, yes, center is best. Immediately after you enter the theater, there are two long rows of seats on each side. The pissing guy will be on your right side in the center stage area. So I would assume if you can sit on the left side seats in the center, you get the best review. However, there are people who pay VIP price for the show. So some seats in that area are already reserved when you enter the theater. But again, there are no really bad seats for this show. Enjoy.

  4. I would say sit on the bank on your right as you enter the stage and closer to the center is the best. I also think it was real pee. The people who get nude are: First act: Adam (who incidentally was in Job 1 1/2 years ago). Second act: Lazarus, third act: Jesus and a guard.

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